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Carpool: Parking on site at Lappe is very limited so Share A Ride. Plan ahead for getting on-site at Nationals. Whether you are racing, coaching, volunteering or cheering, coordinate your carpool to make parking easier for all.

Please ensure that all parking-volunteer directions and signs are adhered to so that safety and efficiency is maintained.

Reserved Parking: “Reserved” parking passes are being distributed by the Event Organizing Committee in order to support athletes on site during the National Championships. Each team will have one on-site parking spot each day. Due to limited on-site parking, and the need to use off-site overflow parking, this will ensure that each team will have at least one vehicle on site to use as desired (hold bags/gear, hang-out space, shuttle). This is for a regular passenger vehicle (car/van/pick-up truck). Please display your parking pass clearly upon arrival.

There will be some “reserved” parking for media, sponsors, and those with accessible parking passes as well.

Note that after noon each day the parking spaces not filled will be open to any vehicle that arrives.

Overflow Parking

A shuttle will run between Lappe Ski Centre and overflow parking in order to facilitate overflow parking. All passengers and gear must be dropped at ski centre first so that only the driver takes the shuttle.

There are three overflow parking locations:
1. Gorham and Ware School – 2032 Kam-Current Rd (NOTE – There is no parking at the school on Friday March 10th)
2. Lappe Lutheran church – 3215 Dog Lake Road (NOTE – There is no parking at the church on Sunday March 12th)
3. Dog Lake Firewood (3079 Dog Lake Road.) (To use only once others are filled).

The shuttle will continuously travel back and forth between overflow parking and Lappe and can be expected every 15-25 min.

The latest shuttle of the day will be 5pm.

On-road parking is only permitted once all overflow parking locations are full, and is only available past (West) of the ski centre entrance on the south side only.


Locks: Each trailer has two doors with the same lock. One key can be signed out from the race office to a coach within the trailer. Teams within a trailer can decide amongst themselves who that key holder will be (consideration could be given towards who might arrive earliest). Backup keys will be kept in the race office. All keys must be returned on or before March 18th to the race office.

Security will be on site 8pm-6am each day.

Garbage cans are in each trailer. Please keep your area clean and garbage contained. There are brooms and dust-pans also available to clean up wax shavings. Each garbage can will have extra bags and can be emptied when they are full into the large GFL bin beside the trailers. Trailers should be left in the state they were when you arrived.

Electricity. Please don’t overload an electrical outlet.

Fire extinguishers are in each trailer in case of emergency.

Several shovels are on hand around the trailers. Please feel free to shovel out your trailer stairs if it snows. Volunteers will also support shoveling as best possible.

Slip hazard. Floors inside trailers can be slippery. Also, outdoor icy conditions form on thaw/freeze may be present on site. Be cautious.

Washrooms and Porta-Potties

Available water at Lappe is limited. Please use the porta-potties on site. Accessible porta-potty in stadium is for Para Nordic athletes only.

Athlete bags

In order to support athletes, each team has been provided with one ‘reserved’ parking pass to ensure at least one team vehicle is on site to put bags in.
Athletes may now also choose to leave items in change rooms, hung up or under or above benches (not left on benches).
There is one trailer space now available for athletes bags. It is the north end of trailer 364 (see attached map).
Teams can also choose whether they allow their athletes to store bags in their provided wax trailers (additional space was provided), or underneath trailers.